The best thing about taking control of my future is ...

Apr 12, 2023


Seriously though, having spent four hours yesterday getting really clear on what i want for and in my life. I got up this morning feeling as if a whole weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I can see that I have a pile of work that needs to get done - but now I am absolutely clear as to WHAT that work actually is!

I could probably sit down and create the master list of the "eleventy-billion" tasks that need to be done in the next 1500 days or so to get me to my goal.

Bust BUSY doesn't stress me!

Coasting stresses me!

Meandering through life without purpose stresses me!

Working a plan doesn't stress me - knowing that if I do X then Y will be the result is such an easy space for me to inhabit.

So if this week you are feeling that there is:

  • Too much month left at the end of the money!

  • Too little energy left at the end of the day!

  • Too many working days until you get to live the life you love!

Why not take some action and go and create yourself a little plan that will move you off the sofa and into action a little?

No more feeling anxious that someone else is charting the direction of your life - now you can take that control back into your own heart and your own hands and create that future that is perfect for you!

So tell me - just between you and I, what things do you think we should throw into that plan?

Let me know!

Love you lots